EU Strategy Paper for collaboration with North Africa

Sahara Wind project perspectives on sustainable development, education and renewable energy access inspires EU Commission Proposal (March 08, 2011).

The Southern Mediterranean is strategically important for the EU in terms of security of gas and oil supplies from some of the countries but also more broadly in terms of transit from the region and beyond. There is clear potential for building an EU-Mediterranean partnership in the production and management of renewables, in particular solar and wind energy, and in having a joined-up approach to ensuring energy security. Joint renewable energy investments in the Southern Mediterranean in line with the EU's 2050 decarbonisation scenario could offer the possibility of a new partnership provided that the right market perspective is created for electricity imports.

It is desirable to open a credible perspective for the integration of the Southern Mediterranean in the EU internal energy market based on a differentiated and gradual approach. In the mid to long term, this would mean establishing a form of 'EU-Southern Mediterranean Energy Community' starting with the Maghreb countries and possibly expanding progressively to the Mashreq. Extending the Energy Community Treaty with the Union's Eastern and South-Eastern neighbours, or building on its experience, this community should cover relevant parts of the EU's energy legislation with a view to promoting a real and reliable convergence of South Mediterranean partners' energy policies with EU policy.

Entitled "A PARTNERSHIP FOR DEMOCRACY AND SHARED PROSPERITY WITH THE SOUTHERN MEDITERRANEAN " this JOINT COMMUNICATION was issued by the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy on March 08th 2011.

Sahara Wind project presented at Red Eléctrica de España REE headquarters

The Sahara Wind project presented at Red Eléctrica de España headquarters in Madrid, Spain on February 23, 2011.

The industrial synergies linked to the phased deployment of the Sahara Wind project's 5 GW HVDC transmission line are presented at the headquarters of Red Eléctrica de España; the grid operator of Spain. Red Eléctrica operates the Spanish electricity systems, in the peninsula and beyond guaranteeing security and continuity of supply over the Spanish territory. The operation of the system encompasses security and continuity of supply, as well production and transmission coordination under quality conditions required by the current regulations.

Arab Climate Resilience Initiative Regional Forum

The Sahara Wind project presented at the Arab Climate Resilience Initiative Regional Forum 3-5 November, 2010 in Skhirat, Morocco

The Arab Climate Resilience Initiative Regional Forum brought together experts, policymakers and representatives of the League of Arab States to stimulate climate policy dialogue and identify key governmental commitments. The Regional Forum on Addressing Climate Change Impacts in the Arab Countries was organized in partnership with UNDP Morocco and the government of Morocco. Regional capacity building in clean energy technologies with the Sahara Wind project academic and industry partners were presented to the Forum’s participants.

La "Fondation Hermann Scheer" poursuivra l'oeuvre de Dr. Hermann Scheer

Hermann Scheer Foundation logo

Hermann Scheer photoEn tant qu’esprit indépendant, Dr. Hermann Scheer s’est engagé en faveur des énergies renouvelables car il estimait que cette alternative mènerait notre planète vers un avenir énergétique et environnemental plus sûr, équitable et acceptable pour l’ensemble de sa population. En tant que législateur allemand, Dr. Hermann Scheer fut l’architecte de la législation sur les énergies renouvelables en Allemagne, ayant permis l’essor actuel de la filière des énergies renouvelables dans le monde. Sa connaissance intime des rouages entre les questions politiques, économiques, énergétiques et environnementales en sus d’un enthousiasme mobilisateur ont permis aux énergies renouvelables d’amorcer une transition énergétique globale de manière quasi-irréversible. En tant que membre du Comité Scientifique et Éthique du Projet Sahara Wind, sa disparition nous est douloureuse.  Dr. Hermann Scheer s’est éteint le 14 Octobre 2010. Nos pensées vont à son épouse ainsi qu’à sa fille. L’œuvre de Hermann Scheer sera perpétuée à travers la "Fondation Hermann Scheer“ portant son nom.   (A titre posthume, ci-dessous une de ses dernières interviews)

11th World Renewable Energy Congress, Abu Dhabi, UAE

The Sahara Wind project presented at the 11th World Renewable Energy Congress 25–30 September 2010 in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

At the invitation of the Energy Directorate of the European Commission Directorate General for Research, Khalid Benhamou, Managing Director of Sahara Wind took part in the "Renewable energies: opportunities and challenges of grid integration" EU-Workshop in Abu Dhabi on 27-28 September 2010. During this event, he presented the phased deployment of the Sahara Wind project’s High Voltage Direct Current line which opens the access of the Sahara trade winds to a regional power dispatch. The presentation was carried out in the “Large scale renewable energy supply and grid integration requirements in centralized systems” session of the workshop.

Programme Eolien Intégré 1000 MW (ONEE)

INITIATIVE 1000 MW (Projets de parcs éoliens)
Avis de pré-qualification
N° SP 40 311
L'Initiative 1000 MW (Projets de parcs éoliens) vise (i) la production d'électricité à base éolienne, (ii) la promotion d'une industrie éolienne marocaine et (iii) la constitution d'une expertise de haut niveau et le renforcement de la recherche-développement dans ce domaine au niveau national. L’objectif de cette initiative est de permettre la maîtrise de la filière éolienne qui présente un fort potentiel pour le développement économique du Maroc. A ce titre, l'Office National de l'Électricité et de l'Eau Potable (ONEE) a lancé une Invitation à l'Expression d'Intérêt pour soumissionner à un Appel d'Offres International.
L’Office National de l’Électricité entend sélectionner des sociétés ou groupements de sociétés en vue de soumissionner à un Appel d'Offres International pour le développement, la conception, le financement, la construction, l'exploitation et la maintenance de l'Initiative 1000 MW (Projets de parcs éoliens), composé de cinq parcs éoliens, d'une puissance totale installée de 850 MW.

En sus du développement des cinq parcs éoliens précités (850 MW), l'Initiative 1000 MW (Projets de parcs éolien) comporte la fourniture et la maintenance des équipements nécessaires à la réalisation d'un parc éolien supplémentaire de 200 MW.

Dans le cadre de l'Initiative 1000 MW (Projets de parcs éolien), la construction des cinq parcs éoliens précités 850 MW sera structurée suivant un schéma " Build Own Operate and Transfer ", et sera réalisée dans le cadre d'un partenariat public-privé où l'ONE, la Société d'Investissements Energétiques (SIE) et le Fonds Hassan II s'associeront au partenaire stratégique de référence retenu à l'issue du processus de l'Appel d'Offres précité.

Pour plus d’informations, veuillez visiter le site officiel de l’Office National de l’électricité :

"Large-scale integration of wind power" at WWEC2010

The Sahara Wind project presented as "Large-scale integration of wind power" at the 9th World Wind Energy Conference in Istanbul, Turkey

World Wind Energy Conference & Exhibition WWEC, the leading event in wind energy, taking place in a different continent each year, was held in Istanbul, Turkey from June 15-17th 2010.

WWEC2010, the 9th World Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition, set up a platform where major players of wind energy technologies, industries and policies gathered together to share the latest technologies and information affecting strategic decisions. The special focus was on how to integrate large capacities of wind power into existing grid infrastructure and how to adjust grid capacities. Turkey with 80 GW wind projects waiting for permission is an excellent example for the corresponding challenges and opportunities.

MENA Power 2010

Sahara Wind at the MENA Power 2010: A Middle East & North Africa Technology and Projects Forum, Conrad Cairo Hotel, Cairo, Egypt - May 24-26, 2010.

MENA POWER 2010 matched MENA policy makers and project stakeholders in the electric power sector with U.S. providers of equipment and service solutions.  To facilitate these opportunities, more than 30 power projects were presented at the Forum  in areas such as gas-fired combined cycle, solar, wind, hydro, biomass, integrated desalination/power, rural electrification, transmission and distribution upgrades and regional interconnection.

Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) electricity demand is growing annually at a rate of 5-6% due to high population growth and energy intensive industrialization. As power demand continues to grow, the Middle East and North Africa Region will need to build new power plants, increase the efficiency of existing plants and transmission and distribution systems, and diversify its energy sources. This presents significant opportunities for U.S. companies that provide products and services to the power sector.

World Hydrogen Energy Conference 2010

WHEC 2010

The Sahara Wind project presented at the World Hydrogen Energy Conference 2010

"The Regional Hydrogen Roadmap Project Development Framework for the Sahara Wind Project" was presented during the Renewable Primary Energy Potential for Hydrogen Production session of the 18th World Hydrogen Energy Conference on May 19th 2010 in Essen, Germany.

A reliable energy supply is a necessary precondition for social wellbeing and economic prosperity. The present fossil-fuel-based energy system is relatively inefficient and has been identified as the major cause of global climate change and local air pollution. Furthermore, such fuels are subject to supply-security issues associated with price fluctuations. Today, government, industry and the scientific community are striving to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Alternative sources of primary energy and energy-efficiency measures are now being harnessed with a view to improving energy-supply security.

Hydrogen has excellent prospects as an energy hub for a wide range of energy applications in transport and both stationary and portable power generation. Intensive worldwide efforts have resulted in significant advances in technologies used in the supply and use of hydrogen. In view of the many remaining unresolved issues, there is still a strong need for further scientific and technical progress.

Conference on the Mediterranean Solar Plan

Sahara Wind at the Renewable Energies for the Mediterranean conference (Valencia, Spain 11th-12th May 2010).

The Mediterranean Solar Plan, born under the scope of the “Barcelona Process: Union for the Mediterranean (UfM)”, and launched in July 2008, is one of the strategic processes for sustainable development facing the foreseeable increase of energy demand in the Euro-Mediterranean region, and the need to cut back greenhouse effect gas emissions.

Its main objective is to develop of 20 GW of renewable electricity capacity on the South Shore of the Mediterranean, as well as the necessary infrastructures for the electricity interconnection with Europe. The Plan also envisages Saving and Energy Efficiency, as well as Technology Transfer.

A key element for the development of this Plan is the establishment of a suitable, new regulatory framework to promote the establishment of renewable energies, and facilitating the exchange of electricity.

The Mediterranean Solar Plan must be a huge step ahead in the development of the Euro-Mediterranean co-operation policy in the field of energy, started with the Barcelona process in 1995, integrated in the European Neighbourhood Policy since 2007 and reinforced with the creation of the Union for the Mediterranean since 2008.

Sahara Wind Presenté à la 12ème réunion de l'IPHE (ILC/SC meeting)

Sahara Wind présente les Perspectives du projet OTAN Science pour la Paix SFP-982620 ‘Sahara Trade Winds to Hydrogen’.

Sahara Wind a présenté le projet SfP-982620 ainsi que son programme régional de renforcement de capacités au Maroc et en Mauritanie lors de la 12ème réunion conjointe du Comité Implémentation-Liaison et du Comité Directeur du Partenariat International pour l'Economie de l'Hydrogène (IPHE). Cette réunion s’est tenue du 1-3 décembre 2009, à Washington, DC, aux États Unis.

New Seat and Director General for IRENA


Sahara Wind is observer at the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) second session of the Preparatory Commission in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.

IRENA which was officially established in Bonn on January 26 2009, comprises more then 136 Member countries. During the event, the Signatories designated Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, as the interim headquarters.

At the same time it was decided that Bonn will host IRENA’s centre of technology and innovation and that in Vienna the Agency’s liaison office for cooperation with other organisations active in the field of renewables will be established. This reflects the spirit of cooperation that is needed for IRENA to grow into a strong and effective organisation. 

The Preparatory Commission also designated Ms. Hélène Pelosse as the first head of the emerging Agency during its second session in Sharm El Sheikh on 29 June 2009.

Four candidates with outstanding profiles and strong backgrounds in the field of renewable energy were nominated by the Member States for the position. After a close and fair election, the French candidate Ms. Hélène Pelosse was appointed by the Signatories as the first Interim Director-General of IRENA.

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