Wind Energy as Catalyst for Regional Development, WWEC2007 Argentina

The Sahara Wind project presented at the VI World Wind Energy Conference in Mar Del Plata, Argentina 4-7th October 2007.

The Sahara Wind project’s Capacity Building for Sustainable Energy Access in North Africa were presented under “Wind Energy as Catalyst for Regional Development" during the 6th World Wind Energy Conference in Mar Del Plata Argentina. The conference was attended by more than 500 high-level delegates from 40 countries to discuss recent developments, successful policies as well as future perspectives of wind energy utilization.

Publication de l'AIE "Partager la Vision Européenne de l'Economie Hydrogène"


L’Agence Internationale de l’Energie (AIE) viens de publier son rapport sur la mise en place d’une Economie basée sur l’Hydrogène dont la recherche est coordonnée au niveau du Partenariat Mondial pour une Economie d’Hydrogène (IPHE). Ce rapport intitulé « Building the Hydrogen Economy: Enabling Infrastructure Development - Part II: Sharing the European Vision » fait partie d’une série d’ateliers dont le second a eu lieu les 10-12 Juillet 2007 à Paris au siège de l’Agence Internationale de l’Energie.

The report can also be downloaded directly under:

This publication was prepared by the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) Office of Energy Technology and R&D. The authors of this publication are Dr. Robert K. Dixon, Head, Energy Technology and Policy Division, IEA, Ms. Emily Glenn, IEA, Mr. Tom Gross, IF LLC, Mr. Nicolas Lymberopoulos, UNIDO-ICHET, Mr. Khalid Benhamou, Sahara Wind Inc., Dr. Paul Leiby, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Mr. Michael Mills, U.S. Department of Energy, Mr. Richard Scheer, Energetics Incorporated and Ms. Simone Brinkmann, IEA. The information and ideas contained in this document are based upon the IEA and the International Partnership for a Hydrogen Economy (IPHE) joint workshop on July 10-12 in Paris, France titled “Building the Hydrogen Economy: Enabling Infrastructure Development/ Part II: Sharing the European Vision.”

Energy Independence: Powered by Wind WWEC2006 New Delhi, India

The Sahara Wind project presented at the 5th World Wind Energy Conference in New Delhi, India on November 06th 2006.

Inaugurated by H.E. DR. APJ ABDUL KALAM, the Honorable President of India, the 5th World Wind Energy Conference was held under the theme of ‘Energy Independence: Powered by Wind’. During this event, the Sahara Wind project was presented under the title “Integrating Wind Power in Africa: Case Studies of Morocco and Egypt Africa’s Wind Pioneers”. The presentation took place during the first session dedicated to national policies & markets.

Integrating Hydrogen for Sustainable Development

The Sahara Wind project's Hydrogen energy component presented at the International Seminar on the Hydrogen Economy for Sustainable Development on 27-29 September 2006 in Reykjavik, Iceland

Complementary to Phase 1 of the Sahara Wind project, “Hydrogen Energy as a Comprehensive Approach Integrating Energy Systems for Sustainable Development” was presented at the International Seminar on the Hydrogen Economy for Sustainable Development. Co-organized by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs UN-DESA and the Government of Iceland, the Seminar took place during the International Partnership for the Hydrogen Economy IPHE 6th Steering Committee Meeting on September 26-27th 2006.


As its original project concept developer and in partnership with Morocco’s Center for Development of Renewable Energies, Sahara Wind prepares the Joint UNDP-GEF-WB PIMS # 3292 ‘Morocco: Sahara Wind Phase I/Tarfaya (400-500 MW) on –Grid Wind Electricity in a Liberalized Market’ Project Development Facility PDF-B. Under Pipeline 19, the project is submitted to the  United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) - Global Environment Facility (GEF) - WORLD-BANK on February 04th 2005.

Spreading awareness of wind opportunities in North Africa

The Sahara Wind project presented at the 2nd World Wind Energy Conference in Cape Town, South Africa on November 24th 2003.

Focusing on how to bring wind energy developments to African countries, the conference brought over 120 high-level government representatives, leading international scientists and experienced entrepreneurs from 33 different countries. Speakers presented accounts, case studies and success stories of the development of wind energy in their respective countries. The Sahara Wind project was presented under “Policies for the future: spreading awareness of wind opportunities (North Africa)”.

Behold, the Latest Wind Megaproject, In Morocco

Think energy megaprojects are passé? Check out, a private development group based in Morocco. They want to build 5 GW of wind in the Sahara Desert and ship the juice to Europe via monster undersea D.C. transmission lines. “In the run-up to the World Summit for Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, South Africa in September, it looks more and more like there will be problems with defining concrete further steps—and the European Union should have some concrete projects it can support. The Saharawind project represents a unique example of power integration opportunity between both continents.”

The Sahara Wind project presented at the European Parliament

At the invitation of Green MEP Claude Turmes, the Sahara Wind project is presented at the European Parliament in Brussels on June 20th, 2002.

The presentation was followed by a question session, raising a numbers of technical issues. To assist in answering them Khalid Benhamou, Managing Director of Sahara Wind was accompanied by Dr. Gregor Czisch who holds a PhD in electrical engineering. The latter was obtained on a "Scenarios for a Future Electricity Supply – Cost-Optimized Approaches to Supplying Europe and its Neighbours with Electricity from Renewable Energies" thesis dissertation, for which he was awarded a summa cum laude distinction.


1st World Renewable Energy Policy and Strategy Forum 2002

Sahara Wind at the 1st World Renewable Energy Policy and Strategy Forum 2002- Renewable Energies: Agenda 1 of the Agenda 21, Berlin June 13-15th, 2002

The Forum enabled the elaboration of an Action Plan for the Global Proliferation of Renewable Energy. The document states the critical link between energy systems and the development of societies. Limits of the fossil/nuclear energy system were made relevant compared to Renewable Energy as a possible complete alternative. This laid the ground of a new energy paradigm. As a result, a set of recommendations were elaborated to facilitate this historical energy transition.

Sahara Wind project presented at 3rd Africa-US Ministerial Conference

The Sahara Wind project presented at the Renewable Energy for Africa session of the 3rd Africa-US Energy Ministerial Conference, June 2002 in Casablanca, Morocco.

Attended by Energy Ministers of Africa and the U.S. Secretary of Energy under the theme 'Energy Partnerships for Sustainable Development: Energy Security and Regional Integration' the conference focused on the development of the energy sector in African economies. Its objective is to support accessible, environmentally safe, and affordable energy supplies on the continent. The conference aimed at enhancing the dialogue among public and private sector representatives on key energy issues. It also reaffirmed the importance of the U.S.-African Energy Ministerial processes in its ability to help promote democracy, good governance, human rights, trade investment, and global integration.

EU-Marokko Stromimporte als Zugang an kostengünstiges Windstrom

Schriftliche Anfrage im März 1999 von Herrn Dietrich Elchlepp Mitglied des Europäischen Parlament an der EU-Kommission in Bezug auf die Möglichkeit der Finanzierung einer Machbarkeitsstudie um Windstrom aus der Sahara Küste in das europäische Netz zu importieren. "…um eine wichtige Voraussetzung für eine kostengünstige und umweltfreundliche  Stromerzeugung mit Hilfe von großflächigen Windenergieanlagen in der äußerst windreichen westlichen  Sahara zu schaffen?“ Diese Frage wurde auf Antrag von Khalid Benhamou, Geschäftsführer von Sahara Wind gefragt.

First Wind turbine on a Sahara coastline Wind-Diesel test site

North Africa's first 50 kW class wind turbine powering a Wind-Diesel-Hybrid test site by Tiniguir. Erected in 1995 under supervision of Khalid Benhamou, Managing Director of the Sahara Wind project (up-right) the system powers an agricultural farm of the ‘Domaines Agricoles’. Located near the city of Dakhla on the trade windblown Sahara coastline, the test site is built around a 50 kW AOC wind turbine coupled to diesel generators. The combination feeds variable loads through a 5000 Volts distribution grid spread over a few Kilometers. The objective of the test facility is to assess wind energy, turbine technologies, electric load controls and management, grids and their applications for local, distributed and energy-intensive uses.

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