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In the Video Interview Podcast of December 3rd 2011, German Chancellor Angela Merkel answers questions on the vision of a regionally integrated Renewable Energy infrastructure in Germany, Europe and North-Africa. These, presented by Sahara Wind at the 10th World Wind Energy Conference, and the Desertec Industrial Initiative Conference will open the possibility for a gradual introduction of renewable energy technologies. In facilitating the deployment of renewable energies on a larger scale, the Sahara Wind Project enables the transition into a safer, more sustainable energy infrastructure in both continents. The Sahara Wind Project aims at delivering over 5 GW of wind generated electricity to supply Euro-Mediterranean markets via a High Voltage Direct Current transmission line. For this to happen, the deployment of renewable energies have to be well integrated As a prerequiste in the case of Germany's renewable energy transformation, Chancellor Angela Merkel reiterated the importance of this approach her Video Podcast of June 23rd 2012 Within such context, the Sahara Wind Project presents a market based, locally integrated economic development model that is of strategic importance to the region. Benefiting from the exceptional North Atlantic Sahara Trade Wind resources blowing from Morocco through Mauritania -which have the potential to cover close to half of the European electricity needs- these perspectives were presented in Cairo, Egypt on October 31st-2nd November 2011. The 10th World Wind Energy Conference was held under the theme "Converting Deserts in Powerhouses".

As a genuine, regional initiative from the African continent, the Sahara Wind Project was granted support from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Wind measurements and energy intensive synergetic processes are currently being tested at Morocco and Mauritania’s Universities in partnership with local industries. Complementary to Morocco’s integrated Wind Energy Program launched in 2010, the technical terms of references for assessing the optimal transfer of the Sahara Wind farm network on the basis of a 5 GW HVDC line - have already been established with ONE, the Moroccan public electric utility operating the local grid infrastructures.

In responding to the region’s priorities the Sahara Wind Project provides large scale sustainable development perspectives that may effectively address global challenges such as access to energy, development and security in this area and beyond.

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